A Cleansing Way for a Contemporary World!

Posted on March 10, 2014

A Cleansing Way for a Contemporary World!

by Lisa Rohde CHC


Today we face a contemporary world very different than that of our ancestors.  Our world today is enriched with toxins and you can guaranty from pre-birth you carrying this burden in your body, not to mention the toxic accumulation over a lifetime.  Your precious liver acts as your bodies toxic screen, it filters out or packages and stores toxins.  Did you know that birth control pills leave a dark patch in your liver that can be seen in an x-ray!

Furthermore when you consume access sugars, your livers sugar storage capacity it exceeded, sugars are converted back into fatty acids, returned to the blood stream and stored as fat in a way that is very difficult to utilize and burn for fuel later. Todays fast paced modern world is packed full of convenience foods, and I’m not just talking about junk food and candy, processed flours convert into sugars combined with sugary beverages this is a recipe for health disaster.

What can we do about this.  We can embrace the responsibility of taking our health back into our hands.  Prescription drugs are not the answer, though they may save a life in an acute situation, they are not a long term answer and may in fact do more damage and harm than good.  Ultimately we have to embrace a cleansing way for a contemporary world.

Do you experience low energy, exhaustion, or fatigue, thyroid imbalance, anger, weight gain or loss, anemia, mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, allergies, sinus issues, asthma, PMS, chemical sensitivity, constipation or diarrhea, headaches, bloating, gastrointestinal problems, heart burn, inflamation or pain, and the list goes on?  These are signs that your liver is overburdened and sluggish and you would be wise to welcome beneficial cleansing routines into your life.

Support your liver and welcome a wholesome nutritious routine into your life.  You will want to begin your day flushing your system with water ideally adding a little lemon juice or better yet lemon essential oil CPTG by DoTerra (available atwww.mydoterra.com/lisaessentials ) most essential oils brands are not for ingestion always read the label) rich with antioxidants and V-C.  Lemon is cleansing to the liver and gallbladder.

You may wish to follow your lemon water with a cleansing clay water such as zeolite.  Follow your clay with an alkalizing green powered beverage loaded with vitamins and minerals (both available at www.RogueLiving.com ) to help your body efficiently metabolize foods to prevent unwanted toxic buildup.

Finally after flushing your system and supporting your bodies nightly cleansing efforts you are ready to begin refueling your system and digesting whole foods.  Include lots of vegetables and greens in your diet and combine them with either protein or pre-soaked whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, millet... grains keep well in the refrigerator most of the week.  Though do not combine animal protein and grain carbs into the same meal.  Eat your fruit alone, or with seeds, nuts, and dairy if your body permits.  Always make leftovers to save time and effort.  Use raw Nori sheets to wrap leftovers in place of bread; a healthy and creative alternative.  Combine raw cultured sauerkraut and kimchi into your meals and nori wraps, and don’t be shy to enjoy probiotics.

If you do have a weak liver you will want to watch that you do not over consume heavy protein such as animal protein as this is hard on the liver.  Green veggies, seeds, nuts, and beans are all great sources of protein too.  Also, while healthy fats including extra virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil, and flax seed oil are beneficial to our health you may find that not over doing it or spacing it out will ease digestive and liver related complaints.

Eat your lightest meal at night and do not eat after 6 or 7 pm.  Your body will naturally transition out of digestive mode and into cleansing mode as the sun goes down and the moon comes up.  This is why you want to be sure to finish digesting the food in your belly early.  When food sits in our belly all night  long we often feel groggy, sluggish, foggy headed, and tired the next day along with a hole host of complaints that vary from person to person.

Shifting from the Standard American Diet (SAD) is no easy task.  Because of the late cultural norm and our relationship, or lack of relationship, around food, our bodies are full of less friendly microorganisms who demand that we eat more sugar and refined foods and in the same process they rob us of what little nutrients we do consume.  These buggers honestly create cravings that are very real and these cravings will go away as you regain you bodies optimal healthy balance through alkalizing diet and a cleansing way.

Seek support from a friend or health coach such as myself, Holistic Health Coach Lisa Rohde CHC.   I help to guide you in a friendly and supportive environment to help you reach your health and life goals.  Accountability is key when making lifestyle and dietary changes and no one diet works for everyone.  We are all bioindividual, and as our body system regains its balance and healthy microflora it can actually go through a period of bad microflora die off presenting in symptom flare ups so please don’t get discouraged, this is where a little knowledge, insight, and direction can lead you miles on your course for health.

Are you in need of a Health Coach and an accountability partner?  If so you have come to the right place.  I specialize in healthy gut flora and reducing allergies, chronic inflamation, and other chronic conditions.  I guide people in discovering their bioindividuality and unique needs, what is one persons medicine is another persons poison.  Contact me, Holistic Health Coach, Lisa Rohde, CHC,RogueLivingWell@gmail.com and schedule a FREE breakthrough consultation.  A new you is waiting and the time is now!

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